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I had serious problems with saving and loading parameter while using rqt_reconfigure. To find my problem I broke the code down to the following:

  1. Start the node with the dynamic_reconfigure server
  2. rosparam set /node_name/myparam 42
  3. rosparam get /node_name/myparam (returns 42 and everything works)
  4. rosrun rqt_reconfigure rqt_reconfigure
  5. rosparam get /node_name/myparam (returns value saved in .cfg file)

I do not know why rqt_reconfigure does that. I also checked out its wiki page and as far as I see it should read the values from the parameter server and not set them back to the default from the .cfg file. I am lost.

Originally posted by kalectro on ROS Answers with karma: 1554 on 2013-11-08

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I was just trolling through and found this question, which is a little old. Hopefully this info will be useful to someone.

I found this issue when I took over maintenance a couple of months ago, and fixed it soon after. Please try pulling the latest version of rqt_reconfigure from rqt_common_plugins at https://github.com/ros-visualization/rqt_common_plugins

The fix is not in the current release, but will certainly be in the next one.

Originally posted by cottsay with karma: 311 on 2014-04-24

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Comment by kalectro on 2014-04-24:
Thanks a lot for fixing it!


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