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param name="usarsim/robotType" value="P3AT"

param name="usarsim/hostname" value="localhost"

param name="usarsim/port" value="3000" param name="usarsim/startPosition" value="Vehicle1"

param name="usarsim/odomSensor" value="InsTest"

node name="RosSim" pkg="usarsim_inf" type="usarsim_node"


I have intentionally left <> brackets here. Otherwise lines are not visible in the question.

Originally posted by RB on ROS Answers with karma: 229 on 2013-10-01

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Original comments

Comment by kr1zz on 2013-10-01:
Dear Brian, although I am pretty sure what the answer is, can you edit your question and post the error message you receive, to make the question useful for other people too, please?

Comment by RB on 2013-10-02:

Hi kr1zz; I have already asked the question giving full error details in the above link


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Let me quote your question:

I have USARSim running on windows7 on a desktop and P3AT is loaded using Iridium. In my laptop I have ROS installed and through a LAN wire I try to connect to both machines. I type follow commands in my laptop which are given below:

  1. roscore
  1. roslaunch usarsim_inf usarsim.launch

[ERROR] [1380608092.814131851]: can't open socket to localhost port 3000

Then you are trying to connect to localhost, whereas you should try to connect to the computer running windows 7 and USARSim.

Solution: replace the string localhost on the second line with the IP address (or the name) of the computer where USARSim is running

Originally posted by kr1zz with karma: 116 on 2013-10-02

This answer was ACCEPTED on the original site

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