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I was wondering if its possible to get a list of all services to which a node is connected, either as a client or as a server.

Somethis similar to ros::this_node::getSubscribedTopics()


Also, is it possible to know which parameters a node has read.


Miguel Oliveira

Originally posted by Miguel Riem de Oliveira on ROS Answers with karma: 254 on 2013-09-20

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Comment by Miguel Riem de Oliveira on 2013-10-01:
Hi everyone

I found a workaround for this one.

I use the shell ros service list api from ros.

To make a system call and then get back the result I use ipstream library.

Perhaps it is helpfull for someone.

PS: I just did not find a way to get the client services a node is connected to ...


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Hi Miguel,

You need to call getSystemState(caller_id) from the ROS XMLRPC Master API, and it returns a list of all the subscribers, publishers, and services. The Master API documentation URL: wiki.ros.org/ROS/Master_API



Originally posted by unknown_entity1 with karma: 104 on 2013-10-05

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Comment by Miguel Riem de Oliveira on 2013-10-22:
Thanks for the answer Aaron. I'll do that. Miguel

Comment by unknown_entity1 on 2013-10-23:
Your welcome! There are multiple deficiencies in the API related to Services. Including the inability to obtain the Service Topic Type, and the inability to request MD5 information for Topics/Services.


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