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Dear all.

I just wondering whether it might be possible to dynamically reconfigure the parameters "max_range" and "min_range" of the hokuyo_node.

As far as I can see in the documentation http://wiki.ros.org/hokuyo_node

the previous parameters are just read only.

I would like to filter the "min_range" for instance to 0.20, so the laser can filter all readings less than 0.20.

In advance thank you

Originally posted by acp on ROS Answers with karma: 556 on 2013-09-18

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This feature is a bad idea for a driver. Filtering based on range does not save bandwidth or processing, so there's no real advantage here. In fact, there's a real disadvantage if you're logging the data and decide later that you really needed all readings less than 0.15m instead.

It's best to create a node that reads the laser scan, changes it, and republishes it on a different topic. You can then log /scan and generate new configurations of /scan_range_filtered when you play back bagfiles.

/scan -> /scan_range_filtered

Don't forget to use REP 117 if you change the range values. http://www.ros.org/reps/rep-0117.html

Originally posted by Chad Rockey with karma: 4541 on 2013-09-18

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Original comments

Comment by acp on 2013-09-18:
First at all, thank you for your replay. I can see that the hokuyo_node has a parameter called 'use_rep_117' it is set true by default, so I guess is to change this value to false with the following command, 'rosparam set use_rep_117 true', right? what do you mean with log /scan?


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