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Hi everybody.

I have a question :)

I have a plugin.py and a .ui file. I would like to launch a .launch file from my plugin.py over my rqt_gui.

In other words, when I click a pushbutton in my rqt_gui, I would like to launch a launch file from my plugin.

Is there a way a to develop this in the plugin.py?

In advance, thank you

Originally posted by acp on ROS Answers with karma: 556 on 2013-09-04

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Hi, I have managed to solve it like this, hope it will help to some one :), this just the piece of code that called the slot.



   def _load_launchfile_slot(self):

    launchfile_name = 'patrolbot_navigation.launch'
    folder_name_launchfile = 'launch'
    pkg_name  =  'patrol_navigation'

         #launchfile = os.path.join(rospkg.RosPack().get_path(pkg_name), folder_name_launchfile, launchfile_name)
         #print( launchfile)
        args =  roslaunch.rlutil.resolve_launch_arguments([pkg_name, launchfile_name])
        rospy.loginfo("Starting task: %s"%args)
        runner = roslaunch.parent.ROSLaunchParent( rospy.get_param("/run_id"), args)
    except IndexError as e:
        raise RLException('IndexError: {}'.format(e.message))

Originally posted by acp with karma: 556 on 2013-09-05

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Comment by Jundan128 on 2018-10-25:
can i get full file of your work? i kinda familiar with rqt plugin with cpp but not familiar with phyton.


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