I want to buy a 3d camera with depth sensor. Can anyone can give me advice on which one will be the best?

I have a experience with kinect, but configuring kinect for Linux is painful and also kinect generate sometimes a big latency.

I am looking for low latency, a good depth sensor and a good api for Linux. I am thinking about a Currera R.


I found a quite cheap and good camera from XIMEA.

Thay have a very nice support for libraries like opencv/matlab etc, so for newbie like it is perfect.

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  • $\begingroup$ Have you thought of building your own 3D camera? I'm not really familiar with image processing, however I don't think it is really hard to achieve it with this massive libraries that we have like OpenCV. $\endgroup$ – CroCo Jan 12 '15 at 11:28
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The best stereo camera for linux is probably around 50,000-100,000USD. For some reason I don't think that is really what you are looking for.

Everything for linux will be painful, in the beginning. After more users use the device the pain gets less. That being said, there are just now new stereo cameras showing up for Windows. Mac usage will shortly follow, then Linux.

For example search Intel RealSense, and Creative Senz3D. Creative is supplying for Intel, so I suspect the Senz3D is being replaced. But at this moment, neither are that popular even on Windows, and certainly would be more 'painful' on Linux than a Kinect.

The depth sensor portion is almost always done in software, not the camera (including on the Kinect). It may be in the driver where you dont see it, but the difficulty of doing it on the device would add considerable expense.

From the Currra web site;

CURRERA-R: was discontinued It was decided to support the produced units, but discontinue further development of current model.

You might find one cheap on eBay.

There are some things around the corner, including something my company is working on, but I dont want to announce vaporware.


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