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Rtklib is a software for the enhancement of precision of data derived from satellite positioning system. I am trying to integrate some features of this software in ROS. I had few questions on this so wanted to know if there is anybody who has worked on it before.

Rtklib information can be found on


Originally posted by Asfandyar Ashraf Malik on ROS Answers with karma: 729 on 2013-06-25

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Yes, I recently found this package from ETH Zurich:


You can even find the associated report in the repository: https://github.com/ethz-asl/rtklibros/blob/master/documents/Grieneisen_SA_Final.pdf

I don't know that you should expect centimeter-level accuracy online with something like the uBlox receivers, but it should be better than a single-ended solution.

Originally posted by mjcarroll with karma: 6414 on 2013-06-26

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Comment by Gudjohnson on 2013-08-05:
@mjcarroll I am trying to display detected satellites in rviz/tf and I am encountering some problem. As you have worked on this so you might be able to help me here. I have opened the question on this link (http://answers.ros.org/question/70690/failing-to-displaying-information-in-tf/)

Comment by jlupdawg on 2019-01-25:
Hello, I am fairly new to ROS in general and have just finished all of the beginner tutorials. In search for an RTKLIB in ROS I came across this github link and the associated report but I have no clue where to start. Any advice about ROS or this package is helpful!


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