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Hi all,

I try Turtlebot Voice Control Demo, and it worked . Now I want to add new voice instruction, so I add this instructions in nav_command.txt and upload it to Sphinx Knowledge Base Tool I finish this step successfully Now I have to modify on voic_nav.py which map the voice instruction into robot action If I want to say "come with me" so this voice instruction make robot run follower demo !

any one have idea how to do this !

Thanks in Advance

Originally posted by Amal on ROS Answers with karma: 229 on 2013-06-13

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Hello, sounds a funny idea.

You can use the app_manager to start/stop/lists apps in the robot. Assuming you launched turtlebot_bringup minimal.launch, you can list the available apps with:

rosservice call /turtlebot/list_apps | grep -v data

(the grep is to avoid get spammed with icons binary data)

To start/stop follower:

rosservice call /turtlebot/start_app "name: 'turtlebot_core_apps/follower'"
rosservice call /turtlebot/stop_app "name: 'turtlebot_core_apps/follower'"

Note that start the app takes some time, as it launches opennni driver and some other stuff. Once started, following behavior can be activated/deactivated with:

rosservice call /turtlebot_follower/change_state "state: 1"
rosservice call /turtlebot_follower/change_state "state: 0"

This is much faster and less error prone that start/stop the app. Btw, you can also call services with the service client API.

Originally posted by jorge with karma: 2284 on 2013-06-17

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Original comments

Comment by Amal on 2013-06-18:
I want to start robot follower using voice control

Comment by jorge on 2013-06-18:
Yep, in your voice recognition system you can call the above mentioned services. I'm not familiar with Sphinx, but I suppose you have some kind of callbacks in your program when it recognizes a command.


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