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I am working on two approaches to do generate map scans from a remote device.

The basic hardware set-up:

At the robot is a BeagleBone/Ubuntu with Hokuyo and UM6-IMU w/Ethernet connection to Access Point.

At the command center is a control PC running Hector_SLAM

Approach 1: Have the control PC/Hector_SLAM poll the robot for needed sensor data.

Approach 2: Stream the sensor data from the robot to the control PC. Hector_SLAM reads sensor data at the control PC.

Approach 2 will cut radio traffic as only transmissions from the robot end are needed so I believe this is the preferred method, but???

A) Does the streamed data need to go to a folder from which Hector_SLAM pulls the data? How??


B) Can Hector_SLAM read the streaming data directly? How??

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If you have both computers on the same network, you can subscribe to laser messages seamlessly (as far as you have properly configured your system). The only problem may be the bandwidth available, due to the large size and frequency of laser messages.

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