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I wish to use a message type that i created in one of my packages in my other package, but for some reason it doesn't work :

The package were the message is declared named dany_controller_pkg and the message type is velocity_derection.

In order to use this message type in my other new package, i add to the new package Manifest file, the following dependency :

<depend package="dany_controller_pkg"/>

and included in the cpp file of my new package the following declaration :

#include <dany_controller_pkg/velocity_derection.h>

Still for some reason when i compile, the compiler doesn't recognize the imported message type.

The exact compiler error is:

Unresolved inclusion: <dany_controller_pkg/velocity_derection.h>

(Also, in the original package this message type works fine)

What am i missing ? Thanks.

Originally posted by dmeltz on ROS Answers with karma: 192 on 2013-02-22

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Comment by KruseT on 2013-02-22:
Post the compiler error, please.

Comment by dmeltz on 2013-02-22:
I added the exact compiler error, you can see it above.


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Turned out that the problem is with the eclipse !

For some reason when i compile using Eclipse it marks all the places where i using velocity_derection topic as errors, and writes that they are Unresolved. But still the compilation succeeds and the program works fine. I have no idea why it behave in this way.

Nevertheless, I want to thank you KruseT and TommyP for your great help !

Also, if someone have any suggestions why it happens, I be happy to know.

Originally posted by dmeltz with karma: 192 on 2013-02-22

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