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Hi, I'm using nav stack with my robot.
I'd like to set a final variance of a robot pose array.

I set amcl's parameters "update_min_a" and "update_min_d" to 0.0
because I'd like to have the robot estimate its pose
even if it stops.

In this case, a pose array showen on rviz converges as soon as amcl node runs.
It's what I like, but the array over-converges.
I mean, all arrows showing robot's pose lie on top of each other.

I guess that some threshold is offered to avoid that.
However, I changed all parameters listed in amcl's wiki and couldn't find
which one is it.

Could you tell me which parameter is used to avoid the above problem?

Thanks in advance.

Originally posted by moyashi on ROS Answers with karma: 721 on 2013-02-04

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You can do that through increasing "laser_sigma_hit" value in amcl parameter.

Originally posted by Anas Alhashimi with karma: 179 on 2014-09-27

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