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Hello everyone, I am trying to do plane segmentation using PCL and ROS. I am using the sensor Asus xtion pro live. I was able to launch openni_kinect and got the sensor pumping out necessary coordinates.

Here is my program:

ros::Publisher pub; sensor_msgs::PointCloud2::Ptr downsampled,output; void cloud_cb (const sensor_msgs::PointCloud2ConstPtr& input) { pcl::PointCloud::Ptr output_p(new pcl::PointCloud); pcl::PointCloud::Ptr downsampled_XYZ(new pcl::PointCloud); output_p->width = 15; output_p->height = 1; output_p->points.resize (output_p->width * output_p->height); downsampled_XYZ->width = 15; downsampled_XYZ->height = 1; downsampled_XYZ->points.resize (output_p->width * output_p->height); pcl::VoxelGrid sor; sor.setInputCloud (input); sor.setLeafSize (0.01f, 0.01f, 0.01f); sor.filter (*downsampled); // Change from type sensor_msgs::PointCloud2 to pcl::PointXYZ pcl::fromROSMsg (*downsampled, *downsampled_XYZ); pcl::ModelCoefficients::Ptr coefficients (new pcl::ModelCoefficients ()); pcl::PointIndices::Ptr inliers (new pcl::PointIndices ()); // Create the segmentation object pcl::SACSegmentation seg; // Optional seg.setOptimizeCoefficients (true); // Mandatory seg.setModelType (pcl::SACMODEL_PLANE); seg.setMethodType (pcl::SAC_RANSAC); seg.setMaxIterations (1000); seg.setDistanceThreshold (0.01); // Create the filtering object pcl::ExtractIndices extract; // Segment the largest planar component from the cloud seg.setInputCloud (downsampled_XYZ); seg.segment (*inliers, *coefficients); if (inliers->indices.size () == 0) { std::cerr width * output_p->height ("output/points", 100); // Spin ros::spin (); }

so the run time error is:

: /usr/include/boost/smart_ptr/shared_ptr.hpp:412: boost::shared_ptr::reference boost::shared_ptr::operator*() const [with T = sensor_msgs::PointCloud2_ >, boost::shared_ptr::reference = sensor_msgs::PointCloud2_ >&]: Assertion `px != 0' failed.

I am aware of the shared pointer issue through this post http://answers.ros.org/question/39818/ros-pcl-run-time-error-segmenting-planes/ . As a matter of fact the code developed is based on this.

I know the answer is very near ,Can you guys please help me out on this?. Thanks.


Originally posted by metal on ROS Answers with karma: 174 on 2013-01-02

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If you haven't figured it out already (or it's an omission in your code copying), it looks like the downsampled cloud pointer has not been initialized with a valid cloud. You pass the dereferenced shared pointer in the sor.filter(*downsampled) line...

At some point, you need: downsampled.reset(new sensor_msgs::PointCloud2)

In addition, the output cloud pointer has not been initialized, so the call to pcl::toROSMsg(*output_p, *output) will also generate an error.

If that is not the problem, you'll probably have to provide some more information (like a backtrace from gdb or something)...

Hope this helps.

Originally posted by jlowenz with karma: 36 on 2013-01-03

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Original comments

Comment by metal on 2013-01-03:
downsampled->width = 15; downsampled->height = 1; output->width=15; output->height=1; As you can see I did the intialization,but it still shows the same run-time error.

Comment by jlowenz on 2013-01-03:
Except that the code you posted says downsampled_XYZ->width = 15; ... and I still don't see where you call new sensor_msgs::PointCloud2 anywhere.


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