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Hi guys,

I have created a launch file that launches the camera1394 driver and displays the color image using the image_proc and image_view packages.

I am also trying to launch the dynamic_reconfigure node and connect it to the camera1394 node, however I am having a problem with the remapping, here is what I am trying to do in my launch file:

<node pkg="dynamic_reconfigure" type="testserver" name="dynamic_reconfigure">
  <remap from="XXX" to="camera1394_nodelet/parameter_updates" />

I am not sure where to get the XXX name from? Could someone please tell me where I can find the names of the inputs/outputs of a node(in general)from?

Thanks and regards, Khalid

Originally posted by K_Yousif on ROS Answers with karma: 735 on 2012-12-26

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Remap is for topics.

To bring up reconfigure_gui connected to that particular node, pass the node name as a command line argument:

<node pkg="dynamic_reconfigure" type="reconfigure_gui" name="camera_gui"
      args="camera1394_nodelet" />

That should be equivalent to this command line:

$ rosrun dynamic_reconfigure reconfigure_gui camera1394_nodelet 

Originally posted by joq with karma: 25443 on 2012-12-27

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Original comments

Comment by K_Yousif on 2012-12-27:
Thank you for your response, I added this line to my launch file, however the reconfigure_gui still does not pop up, I checked the nodes using rqt_gui and a node named reconfigure_gui appears but it is not connected to the driver or anything?

Comment by tfoote on 2012-12-28:
If you want the reconfigure_gui, you should use reconfigure_gui not the testserver executable.

Comment by joq on 2012-12-28:
Oops! Thanks, Tully, for pointing out that I had the parameters backwards. Fixed in the answer now.

Comment by K_Yousif on 2012-12-28:
Thanks for the answer guys, this solves this issue.


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