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I got a probem with running Pioneer. Please help me. I installed a package ROSARIA to my robot P3-DX and it works well. But what i want to do is to move the robot by keyboard. By the way, I found that there are many source code in the Aria package such as ArActionKeydrive.cpp ArActionInput.cpp etc. I want to know how to use these useful codes at the same time.

thank you.

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Comment by georgebrindeiro on 2012-10-31:
I don't have any experience with ROSARIA, but so far I have had no problem with p2os with both the Pioneer P3-DX and P3-AT. If you are not determined to use Aria specifically, I could try to help you get started.

Comment by allenh1 on 2012-10-31:
I also use the Pioneer-3DX robots. I have set up 3 of them for ros. I definitely recommend you approach this with P2OS instead of ROSARIA. You can even avoid setting up a separate laptop for it.


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You would use a ROS "client" node that sends messages to RosAria's /RosAria/cmd_vel topic to control robot velocity. See "Writing a Simple Publisher and Subscriber" at http://wiki.ros.org/ROS/Tutorials to get started writing your own client.

Some examples you can start from is available at https://github.com/pengtang/rosaria_client, including a simple teleoperation using keyboard control.

Another one that uses Python is http://wiki.ros.org/teleop_twist_keyboard, just map its cmd_vel output topic to /RosAria/cmd_vel or vice-versa.

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