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UBuntu 12.04 and Fuerte

Hi ROS users.

I understand that gpsd_client ROS package needs "gpsd" process to be run on a physical device port /dev/tty.

But my case is different, I am getting the GPS data in NMEA format over an IP and 10002 port. I can connect to it using telnet 10002. I cannot access the server side of it, so cannot run any other process other than to accept the data from TCP IP.

I am wondering if any one of you can tell me how I can get the GPSD to take the data from TCP IP port. I want to use the ROS package which relies on GPSD process.

I found a similar question, but was not answered.


Thanks and Have a Good Day!

Originally posted by sai on ROS Answers with karma: 1935 on 2012-10-24

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Found the answer at http://gpsd.berlios.de/gpsd.html under section TCP feed.

Just use

gpsd -S 10001 tcp://192/168.0.61:10002

So the final data will be on local host and port 10001.

Originally posted by sai with karma: 1935 on 2012-10-24

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