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i am trying to connect to an already running roscore with a tethered usb device.

situation is as follows:

  1. i have a running roscore on a ubuntu machine
  2. after the roscore is up, i connect an android tablet to the computer and create a network connection using usb tethering
  3. i am using ros android to communicate with the roscore


  • connecting the tablet with usb tethering creates a new usb network device over which i want to talk to the roscore
  • the tablet may be connected and disconnected several times without re-starting the roscore
  • also maybe other clients connect to the master using a ethernet connection

has anyone an idea how to do that ? how would the ros network setup look like (master uri / ros ip / ros hostname) ?

Originally posted by jochen.mueck on ROS Answers with karma: 48 on 2012-10-19

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Seems like i found a working solution myself. this also works if you have the following setup: running roscore on a machine A connect ethernet cable and get ip adress via dhcp communicate from a machine B via network to roscore on machine A

the solution is to set up a network bridge on machine A which bridges to all other network devices (e.g usb0, eth0 ...). Assign a static IP to the bridge device and set ROS_MASTER_URI and ROS_IP to that ip. Start the roscore. When plugin the ethernet cable or tablet (...) just restart the bridge adapter using ifconfig down/up and all devices can communicate with the core using the bridge adapter's ip

Originally posted by jochen.mueck with karma: 48 on 2012-10-23

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