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Does AMCL work well without a static map?

I applied nav stack to my own robot and it apparently works well.
However, rxgraph shows that AMCL doesn't use static map served by map_server.
The map is used only by move_base.

I think that MCL (not AMCL) requires a static map and
AMCL is designed by improving MCL regarding a computational cost.

AMCL doesn't need it?

Thanks in advance.

Originally posted by moyashi on ROS Answers with karma: 721 on 2012-10-14

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The amcl package requires a map either by subscribing to the topic, or calling the service to get the map

Originally posted by weiin with karma: 2268 on 2012-10-14

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Comment by moyashi on 2013-01-29:
Thank you. I didn't know the parameter "use_static_map" and it can switch whether the static map is used or not.


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