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Hi, if i want to do my robotic arm to recognition an object using camera and get it there are missing steps for me like that

  1. Do i get the kinematics and inverse kinematics of my arm by Kinematic Stack ??
  2. what is all benefits of making my arm simulation on gazebo and RVIZ ?
  3. first write my URDF file of my arm or simulate it firstly ??
  4. what the most stacks and package i will deal with in this project using arm 5 DOF and one camera ?

Originally posted by salma on ROS Answers with karma: 464 on 2012-10-10

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  1. There is a package named arm_kinematics_constraint_aware under ros/fuerte/stacks/arm_navigation. it can do both forward and inverse kinematics.
  2. according to my understanding, simulation is used mainly for checking. for example, i'd like to do a manipulation first in the simulation to see if it works well. if it does, then i do it with the real robot.
  3. to import your robot into gazebo or rviz, you MUST create URDF first.
  4. the stack arm_navigation can do most of the things for you. There all also plenty of tutorials. For the preception with camera, you need other packages, e.g., tod, object_recognition.

besides, i strongly recommend this tutorial IROS 2011 Tutorial: Motion Planning for Real Robots. you can read this tutorial first to get a whole picture.

Originally posted by yangyangcv with karma: 741 on 2012-10-10

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Comment by yigit on 2012-11-07:
@yangyangcv is tod supported for fuerte too? There are a lot of "diamondback"s there.

Comment by yangyangcv on 2012-11-07:
@yygyt i'm not sure. you may need to change some part of tod in fuerte


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