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Hi, I cannot understand the difference between the frame "/odom" and "/map".
I've already read here -> http://ros.org/reps/rep-0105.html#map
however, I couldn't understand.
It seems like the same frame.
Could you explain the difference?

And one more thing.
When I published a transform from "/map" to "/base_link" and launched rviz,
"/map" was shown in a strange position(very far from base_link's origin).
If possible, I'd like to set the position and orientation to a Grid Marker's corner.
How is the position defined?
I don't need to mind it?

Thanks in advance.

Originally posted by moyashi on ROS Answers with karma: 721 on 2012-09-25

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The /odom frame is the place where your robot is initialized, while the /map frame is the origin of your map. Those are usually NOT the same (except your robot is standing at the exact origin of your map when beeing initialized).

Originally posted by michikarg with karma: 2108 on 2012-09-25

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Comment by joq on 2012-09-26:
See REP 105 for the details: http://www.ros.org/reps/rep-0105.html


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