While I am reading and collecting information about rotary encoders , I faced some troubles about the meaning of some expressions concerned with encoder ,which make me to be confused and stray, these expressions or words are :

-Count per revolution (rotation)

-Pulse per revolution

-Tick per revolution

-Transitions per revolutions

-Number of transitions

-Number of state changes

I thought the transition is same as state changes which means change from high to low or low to high , but what about the others what is the diffenece among them (count , tick ,pulse ,transition .... etc)? and what the relationship between transitions and pulse ? Could anyone clarify that , please


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A quadrature encoder has two output channels.

Pulses per revolution
Looking at one output channel of the encoder, the number of pulses per revolution is the number of rising edges per revolution.

Counts per revolution
Combining the two encoder outputs, and counting every rising and falling edge gives the number of counts per resolution.

CPR = 4 x PPR

Quadrature Encoder Signal

As for Transitions and State Changes per revolution, I would guess that these are equivalent to Counts.


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