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Hallo. I've got urdf car-like robot model, which i can teleoperate in gazebo. Also i've added hokuyo laser scan to it. The question is: what are next steps to realize navigation on my robot? What are the basic principles of implementing navigation?

Is there any useful links or tutorials?

Can i somehow modify move_base for my robot?


Originally posted by Peter Listov on ROS Answers with karma: 338 on 2012-09-05

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Comment by abdullah on 2012-09-10:
Hello, Peter. I want to use car-like robot in gazebo and want to control it from keyboard. Previously I was working with differential drive robots in gazebo. Can you please guide me that how I can start working with car like robots in gazebo. Is there any tutorial? Thanks

Comment by Peter Listov on 2012-09-10:
Actually I have not seen any tutorials specially for car-like robots. So I did it step by step. First created my urdf-model. Then added joint controllers and implemented simple teleop-control node. Now i'm trying to make wheel-odometry for it.

Comment by abraham on 2019-03-15:
selam peter ,i was search a bit, it seems their is no tutorial to implement teleop-control for carlike robot even now , can you please explain how you create teleop node and implement it in gazebo ?


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There is presently no complete solution, but you may find some of the links from the Ackermann steering group useful.

Originally posted by joq with karma: 25443 on 2012-09-05

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Comment by forinkzan on 2015-01-06:
@joq what are you mean by " There is presently no complete solution " , are there no people who already done the navigation in gazebo? or even can't make wheel-odometry & differential drive robot in it ? PS: i really want to know it , it's very important to me .

Comment by joq on 2015-01-22:
That comment was accurate back in Sept. 2012. The situation has change since then. I no longer work on driverless cars, but others have made what appears to be significant progress. Please check the http://wiki.ros.org/Ackermann%20Group links.

Comment by forinkzan on 2015-01-22:
thank you , and i already can teleop and build map in gazebo~ now i want to navigation in it ~

Comment by gleb on 2016-08-31:
@forinkzan I am trying to control a car-like robot in gazebo as well. Could you please explain how you realized the teleoperation? And did you manage to navigate it?


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