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The former one belongs to


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According to the following tutorial:


The planner_id is different from the planner_service_name since some planning libraries might offer different types of planners within the same service call

Then I would like to ask what is the planner_id for the default ompl planner? Where is it specified(from which file or parameter)?

Thanks for any help

Originally posted by Albert K on ROS Answers with karma: 301 on 2012-09-03

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Comment by yangyangcv on 2012-09-07:
interesting question. in the planning configuration yaml file we can fill in several planners. i guess these ids are corresponding to those planners there and maybe increase from 0 monotonously

Comment by Albert K on 2012-09-08:
What and where is that yaml config file? Thanks~


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Here you find some example planner configurations:

http://ros.org/doc/fuerte/api/planning_environment/html/ (scroll down a bit)

And here in the source code you can find the currently available planners via the OMPL ROS interface (look at the private member functions):


Further than that I have been successfully using the CHOMP planner, which is not part of OMPL.


Albert, regarding your comment: My planner configuration was created automatically by the planning description configuration wizard. The created configuration file looks similar to this one for the pr2. I'm loading those parameters like this:

  <node pkg="ompl_ros_interface" type="ompl_ros" name="ompl_planning">
        <param name="default_planner_config" type="string" value="SBLkConfig1" />
        <rosparam command="load" file="$(find your_robots_arm_navigation_pkg)/config/ompl_planning.yaml" />

Hope this helps!

Originally posted by bit-pirate with karma: 2062 on 2012-09-09

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Comment by Albert K on 2012-09-12:
I've read the pages, thanks. Besides, I tried to find the yaml file in the planning_environment package , and inspected the launch file pr2_3dnav/right_arm_navigation.launch and the launch file included by it, but I couldn't find the rosparam tag that included the correct yaml.


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