I am willing to use a universal robot arm (UR10) in a path following mode. i.e. I have a desired trajectory for the robot's effector and I would like the effector to follow it as close as possible.

The specs here give a repeatability of +-0.1mm. This is not written but I guess this is the static precision (after the robot had enough time to converge to the position). Now what about the dynamic precision (i.e. max position error while performing the desired trajectory)?

Does anyone know more than me on this matter?

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I've got two Universal Robots guys in the room with me here, so I asked them this question.

When the robot's performing a Trajectory move (e.g. linear move) then the dynamic precision is the same as the static precision (±0.1mm). The robot would need to be set up correctly, and know the weight of its payload, so it can correctly balance itself.

When the robot's performing a Joint move, where you simply command each joint to move to a certain angle, then precision is obviously irrelevant, since the trajectory is unknown.

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