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I'm trying to do the autonomous navigation tutorial I am having problem on "2D Pose Estimate" button in rviz when i click on it and drag an arrow to set the initial location for turtlebot, the red particles dosen't appears and also location of robot dosen't changes.

fixed frame is set to /map Target frame is fixed frame

Rviz output:

[ INFO] [1343324167.032855241]: Setting pose: -0.286 -0.421 -2.323 [frame=/map]




this warring is keep coming up!!

Node: /move_base Time: 1343352282.073253915 Severity: Warn Location: /tmp/buildd/ros-electric-navigation-1.6.5/debian/ros-electric-navigation/opt/ros/electric/stacks/navigation/costmap_2d/src/costmap_2d_ros.cpp:Costmap2DROS::movementCB:408 Published Topics: /rosout, /cmd_vel, /move_base/current_goal, /move_base/goal, /move_base/global_costmap/obstacles, /move_base/global_costmap/inflated_obstacles, /move_base/global_costmap/unknown_space, /move_base/global_costmap/robot_footprint, /move_base/global_costmap/parameter_descriptions, /move_base/global_costmap/parameter_updates, /move_base/NavfnROS/plan, /move_base/NavfnROS/NavfnROS_costmap/obstacles, /move_base/NavfnROS/NavfnROS_costmap/inflated_obstacles, /move_base/NavfnROS/NavfnROS_costmap/unknown_space, /move_base/NavfnROS/NavfnROS_costmap/robot_footprint, /move_base/local_costmap/obstacles, /move_base/local_costmap/inflated_obstacles, /move_base/local_costmap/unknown_space, /move_base/local_costmap/robot_footprint, /move_base/local_costmap/parameter_descriptions, /move_base/local_costmap/parameter_updates, /move_base/TrajectoryPlannerROS/global_plan, /move_base/TrajectoryPlannerROS/local_plan, /move_base/TrajectoryPlannerROS/cost_cloud, /move_base/TrajectoryPlannerROS/parameter_descriptions, /move_base/TrajectoryPlannerROS/parameter_updates, /move_base/result, /move_base/feedback, /move_base/status, /move_base/parameter_descriptions, /move_base/parameter_updates Could not get robot pose, cancelling reconfiguration

rosservice call /robot_pose_ekf/get_status

status: Input:
 * Odometry sensor
   - is active
   - received 45439 messages
   - listens to topic /odom
 * IMU sensor
   - is active
   - received 45440 messages
   - listens to topic /imu/data
 * Visual Odometry sensor
   - is NOT active
   - received 0 messages
   - listens to topic 
 * Robot pose ekf filter
   - is active
   - sent 15145 messages
   - pulishes on topics /robot_pose_ekf/odom and /tf

rostopic info /particlecloud

Type: geometry_msgs/PoseArray

 * /amcl (

 * /rviz_1342988348757430620 (
 * /rviz_1343351131052484131 (

Anybody knows how to solve the problem?

Originally posted by Abtin on ROS Answers with karma: 1 on 2012-07-26

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The reason you don't see particles stems from the fact that the particlecloud topic does not appear to be publishing... Some things to try:

roslaunch turtlebot_navigation amcl_demo.launch map_file:=/tmp/my_map.yaml

If you followed the tutorials, you've already done that. Other things:

rostopic list

Edit your question and put the output of the above at the bottom. Also, check for errors in configuration. I'll be more useful after more output...

Originally posted by allenh1 with karma: 3055 on 2012-07-26

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