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Hello to everybody,

I have to ask a suggestion. Is there any implementation of sonar sensor in ROS?

I need an height estimator for my simulated quadrotor (it has to be external to IMU equipped on the quadrotor) in ROS. So, I thought to a sonar sensor.

I know that I could subscribe to all model state topic and get the z but this might be a source of error. Think about a quadrotor at 1m of height in hovering. If there is an object under it (own height 0.2m) the absolute height is again 1m instead of 1-0.2 = 0.8m that a sonar will have as output. In the meantime, if I check this constraint it is a source of error. Think about quadrotor with 15deg of roll. The height is not 1m but something more.

So, I need this kind of error. I also thought also to a range finder sensor (like Hokuyo) that I know there is already in ROS with a range really small. Has anyone tried this solution? In this way, I might be sure that it works. If there is a sonar implementation, this would be great!

Thanks a lot for any reply. Best regards,


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hello there is a ros implementation of SRF08 sonar sensors available on http://www.robot-electronics.co.uk/htm/srf08tech.shtml

then here is the ros package of this sensor


you may give it a try :)

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