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Hi, I am working with erratic robot in gazebo. I have start using fake_localization node. I am facing problem here. When I try to check the transform by using

rosrun tf tf_echo /map /alpha/base_link

I got error. When my alpha robot is not moving it shows correct transform. but when robot is moved to another position the transform from /alpha/base_link to /map start giving error. Error I am getting is that some time its giving correct values and some time its giving wrong values. Also I am getting laser scan data and transforming laser detection points to /map frame so it gives error.

Before using fake localization I was working with alpha/odom data and It was working fine.

I am implementing an algorithm to move a robot. first I was using odom data, but now I want to use fake_localization to find the exact position of robot. In my case robot is not publishing odom data, when I try to use fake_localization. Is it my implementation mistake or fake_localization has this kind of behaviour?

suggestions please. Thanks.

Originally posted by abdullah on ROS Answers with karma: 81 on 2012-06-26

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Comment by tfoote on 2012-06-26:
Please explain what you are doing.. Otherwise we can't help you.


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fake_localization should provide /map->/odom, so you should not get /map->base_link from that unless you misconfigured it manually. Alternatively someone else is publishing the other transform.

Are you sure there is someone directly doing /map->/base_link? Then disable that.

Originally posted by dornhege with karma: 31395 on 2012-06-28

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