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Hi all! As seen from my previous posts, its been only about a month since I started using ROS. So pardon me if I am making any newbie error here.

I am trying to run a node on ros, but I am unable to do so. Here are the details:

package name: robot_node

ros version: ROS electric

Ubuntu version: Ubuntu Oneiric 32-bit

  1. I opened a terminal and said


  1. I went to the folder of the package and said rosmake

roscd robot_node


This works perfectly fine. I am able to compile with 0 failures.

  1. My executable is called 'robot_node.cpp' so I do the following

rosrun robot_node robot_node

And then, I get this 'error':

[rosrun] Couldn't find executable named robot_node below ~/ros_workspace/ROS/robot_node [rosrun] Found the following, but they're either not files, [rosrun] or not executable: [rosrun] ~/ros_workspace/ROS/robot_node

There are a few things you should know that I already tried. These are

  1. I checked the CMakeLists.txt for the package, and it does have the add_executable line.

2)I compiled all the first dependencies of the package separately, and they all compiled perfectly with 0 failures.

  1. robot_node.cpp does have a int main() routine. :P

Any kind of help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time!

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The output of make obviously shows an error, that's why no binary file is generated. The problem probably is your call to ADD_CUSTOM_COMMAND where you depend on another library. Did you check that the file libABBInterpreter.a really exists?

Originally posted by Lorenz with karma: 22731 on 2012-06-20

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My suspicion is that you are not compiling the program at all or as you think you do. So, answer the following questions:

  • What is the output when you compile with rosmake and make?
  • What is your CMakeLists.txt?
  • Is there a binary robot_node in your package (possibly in bin/)?

Originally posted by dornhege with karma: 31395 on 2012-06-20

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