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Hello, I needed to use the rgbd slam package with .oni files. After some hours of searching, I couldn't find any real help for this. Finally I figured out how to do it and it turned out that it's pretty simple. In fact, it's enough to add the following line to openni_nodelet.cpp:

device_ = driver.createVirtualDevice("yourONIfile.oni",true/false,true/false);

in the OpenNINodelet::setupDevice method as an alternative to the existing getDeviceBy options.

Finally, rebuild the openni_camera package (do not forget to move ROS_NOBUILD to ROS_NOBUILD_BAK or to delete it).

Hope this can be helpful!


Axel Furlan

Originally posted by Axel Furlan on ROS Answers with karma: 11 on 2012-06-13

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FYI, I used your proposal to create a patch for openni_camera, by applying the patch you can use the openni_launch toolchain and let the openni_camera nodelet read from an oni file:

roslaunch openni_launch openni.launch device_id:=/path/to/your/file.oni

You can find the patch attached to this ticket: https://kforge.ros.org/openni/trac/ticket/60

Originally posted by Ruben Smits with karma: 543 on 2012-11-29

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Comment by Latif Anjum on 2014-10-10:
The patch link is not working. Can you provide a working link?


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