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Hi All!

I want to save data with "rostopic echo -p > filname" like shown here: link text

Is it possible to start echo recording with my launch file and how? Is there any other way to record and import data to matlab in a convenient way? Thx for help!!!


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One solution would be to wrap this call into a python node for instance system.exec and the subprocess module (on python.org). This node can then be started by a roslaunch file.

However, I would highly recommend that you use rosbag instead, this is a much more reliable tool that rostopic. For instance you can do:

  <node pkg="rosbag" type="rosbag" name="rosbag_record"
    args="record -o /tmp/slam-map /wide/left/image_raw /wide/left/camera_info /wide/right/image_raw /wide/right/camera_info /rosout"/>

Here you will have in /tmp a rosbag file beginning with slam-map followed by the current date and time.

It is then quite straightforward to convert a file to a csv file which can then be read by matlab or whatever 3rd party tool you use. See the rosbag API to know how to do so. I also have written a converter rosbag to csv, it is not in a public repository but if you are interested I can post it here.

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Comment by Holton on 2013-04-16:
Hello, sir, I am new in ROS, I am wondering how to covert a bag file into csv, could you please give me more hint? please! Thank you!


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