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The rxtools libraries do not seem to be included in Fuerte. Is there any way to install them (or have they been moved to a new place maybe)? I have connected a RosoutPanel to my GUI, so it would be nice to be able to use it in the new relase too. To clarify, i'm looking for the C++ source code, not rxconsole. I'm including rxtools/rosout_panel.h in my code, but can not find it in Fuerte.

Originally posted by Ola Ringdahl on ROS Answers with karma: 328 on 2012-04-26

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Comment by joq on 2012-04-26:
The rxconsole command works for me. What OS are you using? Did you install from source or binaries?

Comment by Ola Ringdahl on 2012-04-26:
The rxconsole command works, but i'm using the C++ library functions for rxtools::RosoutPanel. In Electric the code is located in stacks/rx/rxtools/src/ but in Fuerte the stack/rx is empty and the rxtools package has moved to share/ but there is no src directory, only bin/. I installed from binaries

Comment by mjcarroll on 2012-04-27:
I was under the impression that rxtools was getting deprecated in favor of the new ros_gui package that should be coming along shortly. You may want to investigate that alternative.

Comment by Ola Ringdahl on 2012-04-27:
Seems a bit odd to remove the old before having an alternative ready...

Comment by joq on 2012-04-27:
Yes, wx is deprecated in favor of Qt as a long-term goal due to cross-platform portability issues. But, http://ros.org/wiki/rxtools says its interfaces are "stable", with no deprecation indication. So, there is a defect somewhere: either in code or documentation.

Comment by mjcarroll on 2012-04-28:
Sorry, I was mistaken, the correct phrasing is that it is "End of Life" http://ros.org/wiki/fuerte#Migrating


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It looks like those C++ interfaces were left out when rxtools was converted to the new catkin build system. The rxtools::RosoutPanel is a documented interface, and its omission was probably unintentional.

Please open a defect ticket for the rx component on the ROS Trac system.

Originally posted by joq with karma: 25443 on 2012-04-27

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