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I'm trying to install android_core as described here, but

  1. '/home/andreas/workspace/android_core/android_core$ ./gradlew debug'

What went wrong: Execution failed for task ':android_acm_serial:updateProject'. A problem occurred starting command 'android'.

  1. 'android_core/android_acm_serial$ gradle debug' fails at building android_honeycomb_mr2

[javac] /home/andreas/workspace/android_core/android_honeycomb_mr2/ src/org/ros/android/view/visualization/layer/CompressedBitmapLayer.java:42:

package compressed_visualization_transport_msgs does not exist

  1. Building /home/andreas/workspace/google (as proposed here) runs successfully, while rosmake'ing it fails on several dependencies (I though rosmake --rosdep-install should take care of this; could it be my rosmake is broken? how do I test rosmake anyway?)

After installing lse_xsens_mti, cereal port, hector_mapping and hector_imu_attitude_to_tf manually (i.e. checkout each package and run rosmake for it) '/home/andreas/workspace/google$ rosmake' ran without failures.

Unfortunately, 'android_core/android_acm_serial$ gradle debug' still claims that 'package compressed_visualization_transport_msgs does not exist' as above.

Looking at 'rospack --list-names', there are

  • (the manually installed) lse_xsens_mti, cereal_port, hector_mapping, hector_imu_attitude_to_tf
  • rosjava, rosjava_tutorial_services, rosjava_messages, rosjava_bootstrap, rosjava_geometry, rosjava_actionlib, rosjava_actionlib_tutorial, rosjava_tutorial_pubsub,
  • polling_input_stream
  • compressed_visualization_transport_msgs
  • compressed_visualization_transport
  • google_handheld_slam
  • hokuyo
  • android_tutorial_image_transport, android_tutorial_camera, android_acm_serial, android_tutorial_hokuyo, android_tutorial_teleop, android_tutorial_pubsub, android_gingerbread, android_honeycomb_mr2
  • compressed_image_transport
  • ...

So what did I miss to build android_core?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards, Andreas

@Gemini: It was something about my android setup but unrelated to ROS. Sorry I can't remember how I've solved it.

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You only need to ensure that compressed_visualization_transport_msgs is in your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH and then re-install rosjava_messages.

roscd rosjava_messages
../gradlew install

That will generate the required message dependencies and make them available to your rosjava packages.

See: http://docs.rosjava.googlecode.com/hg/rosjava_core/html/getting_started.html#messages

Originally posted by damonkohler with karma: 3838 on 2012-04-23

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