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Heyy People,

I am a recent user of ROS and rviz. I am currently using Husky A200 for my project activities and I found rviz to be particularly interesting.

I displayed my Hokoyu LIDAR output on rviz. However, there was still an error shown on the .Global parameters section saying the frame /laser does not exist. This happens further, to any new frame that I wish to see but that does not exist in the drop-down list.

How should I modify rviz so that these frames are visible in the dropdown list or work with no errors? Further, I am wanting to solve this issue in the context of localization and mapping so that I see in real-time the map development using rviz.

My tf frames only consists of the Camera frames from my Kinect as follows: /camera_link

/camera_rgb_frame , /camera_depth_frame

/camera_rgb_optical_frame , /camera_depth_optical_frame

Any help in this regards would be appreciated. Thanks.

Originally posted by SivamPillai on ROS Answers with karma: 612 on 2012-04-04

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Comment by Ryan on 2012-04-04:
What does your tf tree look like? (what frames exist?) If you're not sure, you can use "rosrun tf view_frames" to display the full tf tree.


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For each sensor measurement you have, there must be a frame associated to it. And the frames should be connected on a tree. I am guessing that you are missing a link in that tree, to reference your laser frame to the /map or /world frame, for example.

You can create static frame transformations in a launch file, if that is the case:

ROS static transform


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