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My name is Kartik and being fairly new to kinect and ros, I was wondering if there were any obstacle detection samples using the kinect sensor that I could have a look at? I'm working with robots from clearpath robotics.

I'm trying to use the pointcloud2 data. I plan to follow the steps:

  1. Write subscriber node to obtain data from the /camera/depth/points node
  2. Process data to be able to detect obstacles based on change in depth values
  3. Integrate that with some movement code to able to move/stop robot in the presence of obstacles.

Any help/guidance in this area will be much appreciated!


Originally posted by kartikrv on ROS Answers with karma: 11 on 2012-03-19

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Hi, Basically you are talking about the navigation stack with obstacle avoidance. ROS already has a navigation stack that you can make use of. You may look into http://www.ros.org/wiki/navigation and http://www.ros.org/wiki/turtlebot_navigation/Tutorials/Build%20a%20map%20with%20SLAM for using kinect in your navigation and mapping.

Hope it helps


Originally posted by karthik with karma: 2831 on 2012-03-19

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Comment by rasoo on 2016-09-05:
Hi, basically I also want to do the same as @kartikrv, but I am using RObotino and Kinect. my robot has no laser sensor. Can you please suggest me how I implement ROS navigation using robotino and kinect?


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