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I'm having problem with reading simulated Kinect raw or rgb image. I'm running electric with turtlebot_gazebo on Ubuntu 10.04. I don't get any of the data to build point cloud in rviz. It is like that Kinect is not publishing to any of the topics even though I see /cloud_throttled [sensor_msgs/PointCloud2] topic.

The only thing I can read (I assume from kinect?) and visualize in rviz is topic /scan [sensor_msgs/LaserScan].

Oh, and one quick question. Should turtlebots dashboard work in simulatated environment? Because if I call rosrun turtlebot_dashboard turtlebot_dashboard the dashboard does come up, but only the middle icon under diagnostic is green.

Thank you for your help!

Originally posted by Grega Pusnik on ROS Answers with karma: 460 on 2012-02-24

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Comment by Grega Pusnik on 2012-02-26:
Nobody had this problems? Any tips?

Comment by mmwise on 2012-03-14:
the dashboard is only meant to work with the physical robot


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This is a bug in the gazebo.urdf.xacro file. The camera frame names were not correct and therefore the gazebo plugins couldn't initialize properly. It's fixed in 330:4253a4e5f257 . It's released in turtlebot 0.9.2

Originally posted by mmwise with karma: 8372 on 2012-03-01

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