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Hello Everyone, I am currently following this tutorial: Pi Robot

Its a cached link from google, and following the directions I've got everything except Pocketsphinx to build using this command: rosmake --rosdep-install pocketsphinx

I have been stuck at this point for some time sadly. Anyone have any ideas?

System: Ros Electric Ubuntu 11.10


[ rosmake] Packages requested are:

['pocketsphinx'] [ rosmake ] Logging to directory /Home/../../rosmake/rosmake_output...

[ rosmake ] Expand args ['pocketsphinx'] to: []

[ rosmake ] WARNING: the following args could not be parsed as stacks or packages: ['pocketsphinx']

[ rosmake] ERROR: no arguments could be parsed into valid package or stack names.

Originally posted by Markolise on ROS Answers with karma: 33 on 2012-02-23

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The directory that you checked the pocketsphinx code out into needs to be on your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH. To quickly check if this is your problem, cd into wherever you checked that SVN repository out into and type


In the same terminal window, try rosmake --rosdep-install pocketsphinx. If the package still isn't picked up, try running rospack profile and then the rosmake command again.

If it doesn't work yet again, update your question with the steps you executed in order and any further error messages.

If it did fix the problem, you can add a line similar to the one above to your .bashrc file such that that path is always on your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH. Note that in your .bashrc file, you'll have to use the actual path, not the pwd shortcut that worked above.

Originally posted by Eric Perko with karma: 8406 on 2012-02-23

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Original comments

Comment by Markolise on 2012-02-23:
Ok, it did work finally. I had to add the export ROS_PACKAGE_PATH=pwd:$ROS_PACKAGE_PATH to my setup.sh file and re source that file in order to get it to build

The Environment setup wasn't to clear about where to put that file and I think thats where I was running into issues.

Comment by Markolise on 2012-02-23:
I had to move the setup.sh inside my ros_workspace folder and re-source that file to get it to build Thanks so much for your help


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