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I'm installing Kinect Demos for DiamondBack,follow the instruction here: http://www.ros.org/wiki/mit-ros-pkg/KinectDemos/dback

and I get stucked on step 5:

Check out the mit-ros-pkg code, as well as other needed libraries using rosinstall:

rosinstall ~/kinect_demos /opt/ros/diamondback kinect_demos.rosinstall

I got error msgs like this

Installing https://svn.csail.mit.edu/mit-ros-pkg/trunk  to /home/azureviolin/kinect_demos/mit-ros-pkg
Failed to checkout from url https://svn.csail.mit.edu/mit-ros-pkg/trunk : callback_ssl_server_trust_prompt required
ERROR: Failed to install tree '/home/azureviolin/kinect_demos/mit-ros-pkg'
 Checkout of https://svn.csail.mit.edu/mit-ros-pkg/trunk version  into /home/azureviolin/kinect_demos/mit-ros-pkg failed.

So my question is, how to neglect this callback_ssl_server_trust_prompt and check out the svn anyway? Or, how to get this trust so that I can check out the svn?

I searched and found this https://code.ros.org/trac/ros/ticket/3169

it says "mit-ros-pkg has a self-signed certificate, which means that SVN creates a prompt for checkout. You can override this in svn with '--non-interactive --trust-server-cert'. This doesn't seem like the right default option, but it would be nice to have an option in rosinstall that forces this. Otherwise we cannot rosdoc mit-ros-pkg w/o manually checking it out on every build machine "

but rosinstall doesn't have the option of "--non-interactive --trust-server-cert"

my OS is Ubuntu 10.04, with DiamondBack.


Originally posted by AzureViolin on ROS Answers with karma: 67 on 2012-02-22

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I asked a friend about svn, and solved this problem.

type the following in terminal:

svn checkout https://svn.csail.mit.edu/mit-ros-pkg/trunk/kinect_utils/

and you can choose to trust the certificate manually. the url after "svn check" can be anything under the same svn you want to get certificate.

In this case, do svn checkout once, delete the files that downloaded to your ~/ , and re-run rosinstall in step 5. it might take a while , but everything should be fine. You'll see " rosinstall update compelete." at last.

Originally posted by AzureViolin with karma: 67 on 2012-02-22

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