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I'm attempting to implement a wall/line following protocol on my robot, and I'm not sure how to go about doing so. To make things more difficult, the robot must follow a wall that's not always in the same place (so I cannot use it for localization with amcl), there's no a priori knowledge of the length of the wall, the wall is not guaranteed to be a continuous straight, and the path must be smooth (no pauses between waypoint assignments) because the robot travels at up to 15mph.

Because of these factors, I don't think that I can use the navigation stack. I was just wondering if anyone else has encountered a similar problem and if you found a solution. Perhaps there is an alternative navigation stack somewhere, or there is a specific planner I could use for this purpose?


EDIT: My sensor array includes, but is not limited to: two single-line laser scanners, a four-line laser scanner, IMU, GPS (outdoor robot), PTZ camera, etc.

Currently, the two single-line scanners are configured to be co-planar, such that they can detect obstacles in a 360 degree arc around the robot. The four-line scanner faces downward to profile the ground in front of the robot.

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Comment by ahendrix on 2012-01-10:
What sort of sensors do you have available? This sounds like something I did freshman year with a microcontroller, a distance sensor and a PID loop.

Comment by sobot on 2015-03-15:
Hello, could you figure out the way to do what you asked. i have a Turtlebot with URG lidar, looking to do the same wall following thing, but im stuck. if you had a success do you mind sharing the method u used? thnX!


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Hi, What about creating a virtual goto point in front of the robot and at a certain distance from the wall? Then implementing a simple follower to reach that point, that is always being pushed forward. Or as suggested by @ahendrix, just implementing a simple control loop to maintain a distance from the wall sending direct velocity commands to your base.

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