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Good afternoon.

I would like to know: is the code published in here, concerning the use and installation of ROS for Velodyne HDL-64E, on Linux OS, applicable to the 32E version of the sensor?

I understand the functions might not work with the 32E Velodyne, but I am more interested on data acquisition. Can I get data from the 32E version of Velodyne, using ROS available for the 64E version?

If yes, how can I do it? I mean, what am I supposed to do right after I install ROS on Linux Ubuntu Diamondback for checking if ROS is installed correctly and how can I get the data package from the sensor?

Thank you!


Originally posted by Victor Lourenção on ROS Answers with karma: 1 on 2011-11-25

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The Velodyne HDL-32E is not currently supported.

I maintain that driver, but do not have an HDL-32E available for testing. I will gladly assist anyone able to provide a patch adding support for that device.

Someone already supplied a patch for the HDL-64E S2, which is why we can now support that model.

UPDATE: I am now working on adding 32E support in the new velodyne_driver implementation. Interested users have supplied PCAP dumps from that device and volunteered to run tests.

UPDATE2: Thanks to the assistance of @Ryan and others, the HDL-32E is now fully supported by the ROS velodyne stack.

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