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I'm trying to create a Robot URDF and represent it in RVIZ and I have two problems when inserting the geometry using (when I used simple geometries the robot's representation was ok).

If the link's is STL extension represents only some pieces of it. Also it is the same if I try whit any of the STL files of PR2 (for example head_v0.stl), only represents some lines. Why not represent STL files well? (no errors in terminal and RVIZ)

If I transform the object to Collada (.dae) exporting with the program "Blender", for example, this is represented correctly, but in white, when the object is of a different color!.

Ubuntu 11.04, ROS diamondback, stack robot_model install.

Can anyone help me with one of the two problems?

Sorry for my English, I am Spanish and I don't write/speak english very well.

The URDF robot is not the problem, but it is:


Originally posted by Rikki on ROS Answers with karma: 90 on 2011-11-01

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If I'm understanding you correctly, when you use any STL files, you only see some lines and not the whole shape. This may be a problem with your graphics card.

If you are seeing white objects, that often means that there is no TF frame for the link. Try using a combination of JointStatePublisher and RobotStatePublisher as described in this tutorial.

Originally posted by David Lu with karma: 10932 on 2011-11-01

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Original comments

Comment by Rikki on 2011-11-04:
At the end I got it! Apparently the problem that appeared white pieces was not ROS. I needed to attach the texture to the object in blender (OGRE tool). Thank you very much David. (Collada Successful!!!)

Comment by rukie on 2019-04-05:
That tutorial should include a comment about no transfer frame and the STL appearing white. That's a damn head scratcher that was driving me nuts!


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