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Having successfully made a map I'm following the instructions for navigation here:


But when attempting to set the initial pose the robot isn't relocated on the map. I can see that there is an attempt to set the pose, like this:

[ INFO] [1319821331.969617532]: Setting pose: -0.708 -0.116 1.488 [frame=/map]

but within rviz the robot remains fixed in place. I'm using the latest electric source code checked out and compiled. On the turtlebot itself I am getting the following warning, which might not be related:

[ WARN] [1319821429.390001799]: Map update loop missed its desired rate of 3.0000Hz... the loop actually took 0.5033 seconds

The only parameter which is different from what's described in the wiki is the map yaml file, and that appears to have loaded correctly within rviz.

Originally posted by JediHamster on ROS Answers with karma: 995 on 2011-10-28

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This often means that subscribers on the robot (in this case amcl) can't contact off-board publishers (in this case rviz). Check the network troubleshooting guide to verify that you have bi-directional communication; you may need to, for example, set ROS_IP on your off-board machine.

Originally posted by Brian Gerkey with karma: 2916 on 2011-10-28

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Original comments

Comment by JediHamster on 2011-10-29:
I think I've fixed the problem. It looks as if both the robot and the remote computer both need to have explicit names set up for them within /etc/hosts - you can't just rely upon using IP addresses.

Comment by JediHamster on 2011-10-28:
From tests it appears that the network is set up ok. One warning which I often seem to be getting when starting the amcl demo is: [ WARN] [1319886789.489061969]: Waiting on transform from /base_link to /map to become available before running costmap, tf error:


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