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I'm trying to calibrate the stereo cameras on the android camera, I'm running into problems.

  1. I tried doing this in stereo webcams and done rosrun camera_calibration cameracalibrator.py --size 8x6 --square 0.108 right:=/my_stereo/right/image_raw left:=/my_stereo/left/image_raw left_camera:=/dev/video2 right_camera:=/dev/video1

How would I do this using android phones when I cannot find to the set_camera_info? This brings up the next where

  1. I'm trying to advertise set_camera_info service to calibrate the cameras. One topic recommends camera_info_manager but I'm not entirely sure how its working.

Currently I have android ros publishing, and my ros master in laptop shows /camera/stereo/left/camera_info /camera/stereo/left/image_raw /camera/stereo/left/image_raw/compressed /camera/stereo/right/camera_info /camera/stereo/right/image_raw /camera/stereo/right/image_raw/compressed

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Comment by rhtmxhq8 on 2011-10-13:
I'm not entirely so sure, its Android EVO3D, I want to know how to use the rosrun camera_info_manager, i'm guessing i need to know the driver.

Comment by joq on 2011-10-11:
What camera driver are you running on the android?


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It looks like your camera driver does not provide the set_camera_info service. Only few camera drivers do. In this case, you need to run cameracalibrator.py with this option:


Once you are done calibrating, you have to find the file in which your camera driver stores its calibration information (the data published in camera_info) and edit it manually.

Originally posted by sebsch with karma: 790 on 2011-10-19

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