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I have a doubt regarding the robot state publisher node. I am loading an urdf file validated with the check_urdf. When launching the robot state publisher, I obtain some suspicious values on the Average Delay field.

I am running under Electric version and the launch file I am using looks like the following:

<!-- robot urdf model -->
<param name="robot_description" command="cat $(find robot_base)/model/robot_base.urdf" />

<!-- robot state publisher node -->
<node pkg ="robot_state_publisher"

The tf_monitor outputs this result:

RESULTS: for all Frames

Frame: /front_laser published by /robot_state_publisher Average Delay: -0.499885 Max Delay: 0
Frame: /rear_laser published by /robot_state_publisher Average Delay: -0.499884 Max Delay: 0
Frame: /vertical_laser published by /robot_state_publisher Average Delay: -0.499883 Max Delay: 0

All Broadcasters:
Node: /robot_state_publisher 51.2438 Hz, Average Delay: -0.499884 Max Delay: 0

I am not sure if this negative Average Delay values are due to some error or not. When adding a new frame from the odometry node which links to the robot_state_publisher base_link, the Average Delay outputs a more coherent value like 9.61504e-05.

Is everything running as expected or I have some bug on my setup?

Originally posted by joan on ROS Answers with karma: 245 on 2011-09-30

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See the tf FAQ for the answer to this. This is normal behavior for certain nodes that timestamp data in the future.

Originally posted by Eric Perko with karma: 8406 on 2011-09-30

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