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Is PR2 using Orocos or linux-rt?

Is PR2 using soft real-time or hard real-time?

Is Orocos an soft real-time modules?

Thank you~

Originally posted by sam on ROS Answers with karma: 2570 on 2011-09-28

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1.) it has one rt process (look HERE), an Orocos controller for the PR2 is on our TODO list.

2.) see link above

3.) it is as real-time as your kernel allows it, if you have a real-time kernel it is hard real-time if you use pre-empt kernel or xenomai.

Originally posted by KoenBuys with karma: 2314 on 2011-09-28

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Original comments

Comment by KoenBuys on 2011-09-30:
A general linux scheduler can't provide you any guaranties, however sometimes it does satisfy for mobile robotic manipulators. ROS also is not optimal for real-time.

Comment by sam on 2011-09-28:
So if I want to use rt process,should I install ROS on linux-rt kernel?


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