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I searched around on this site, the roscpp/logging page and on the rosconsole wiki page but as far as I can tell there are two obvious ways of changing the logger level and they are:

  1. using rxloggerlevel (maybe through rxconsole too?)
  2. modifying the ROSCONSOLE_CONFIG_FILE

Now, I just found this page, and it told me that using roscpp I can programmatically change the logger level as in rosconsole/examples/example.cpp. So, in writing this question I figured out half of my question but I thought I might as well ask this anyway:

Is there a way to modify the logger level from the command line? Something along the lines of:

roslog {package_name/logger} {logger level}

ex. "roslog sbpl DEBUG" or "roslog sbpl/my_log DEBUG"

Regarding, changing the logger level programmatically, I'll follow the example code and post any questions here if it doesn't work as expected.

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@bhaskara's comment answers this ticket, I think. rosservice call is the way to set the logger level, i.e.

 rosservice call $n/set_logger_level $1 $2

It can also be useful to call get_logger_level to determine the possible logger level values.

I personally prefer to do this in rosh as I find it easier to tab-complete and also read the arg specs.

As also noted, this doesn't work for rospy, but I think that's not implied in the original question.

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