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Hi folks,

I've been looking around for an easy-to-use GUI-like interface to control joint angles of the PR2, like we have for iCub.

Do you know any tool that can be used in this manner?

Thanks in advance.


Originally posted by Kadir Firat Uyanik on ROS Answers with karma: 288 on 2011-08-05

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We have implemented an interface to control all the joints in Python. You can find it here. It lacks documentation (we will fix that) but it is very feature rich.

At the moment you can:

  • Control all the joints or just a subset of them
  • Save a joints configuration on a file to retrieve it later
  • Save a sequence of joints poses to execute in order

Please let me know if you need any help with the interface or if you have any feature request / problem.

Originally posted by Lorenzo Riano with karma: 1342 on 2011-08-09

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