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I've done the soundplay tutorial and can do text-to-speech from the command line, but can someone explain how to do it from inside a python program?

Originally posted by ringo42 on ROS Answers with karma: 55 on 2011-08-04

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Hi Ringo,

The following works for me in Diamondback.

First add a dependency on sound_play to your package manifest.xml file:

<depend package="sound_play"/>

and re-run rosmake in your package directory.

Then launch the soundplay node from the command line or your launch file:

$ rosrun sound_play soundplay_node.py


  <node name="soundplay_node" pkg="sound_play" type="soundplay_node.py"/>

Finally, add the following Python snippets to your main speech script.

from sound_play.libsoundplay import SoundClient

self.soundhandle = SoundClient()
self.soundhandle.say('Take me to your leader.')


Originally posted by Pi Robot with karma: 4046 on 2011-08-04

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Comment by dinosaur on 2015-09-21:
I did this in hydro on a PR2. It worked without adding the dependency. Also, our PR2 automatically runs a soundplay node. If a second one is accidentally started, speech sounds choppy until the whole system is restarted (even restarting all ros processes doesn't fix it).


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