I just got an iRobot iCreate base and I've followed the instructions given in ROS Tutorials to setup the turtlebot pc and the workstation. I could successfully ssh into username@turtlebot through workstation so I'm assuming that is all good. I had an issue with create not able to detect the usb cable which I solved using the detailed answer given for question here. This solved the problem of "Failed to open port /dev/ttyUSB0" that I was facing before.

Now the next step would be to ssh into the turtlebot (which I've done) and use roslaunch turtlebot_bringup minimal.launch to do whatever the command does (I've no idea what to expect upon launch). But apparently something's amiss since the create base chirps and then powers down after showing [kinect_breaker_enabler-5] process has finished cleanly as output and the log file location (see output below), but I dont see a prompt. I checked the battery and that's charged so that's not the problem. Following is the terminal output.

anshul@AnshulsPC:~$ roslaunch turtlebot_bringup minimal.launch
... logging to /home/anshul/.ros/log/9d936a6a-fbdc-11e3-ba6b-00265e5f3bb9/roslaunch-AnshulsPC-5038.log
Checking log directory for disk usage. This may take awhile.
Press Ctrl-C to interrupt
Done checking log file disk usage. Usage is <1GB.

started roslaunch server


 * /cmd_vel_mux/yaml_cfg_file
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/digital_io/path
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/digital_io/startswith
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/digital_io/timeout
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/digital_io/type
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/mode/path
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/mode/startswith
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/mode/timeout
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/mode/type
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/nodes/contains
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/nodes/path
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/nodes/timeout
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/nodes/type
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/power/path
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/power/startswith
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/power/timeout
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/power/type
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/sensors/path
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/sensors/startswith
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/sensors/timeout
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/analyzers/sensors/type
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/base_path
 * /diagnostic_aggregator/pub_rate
 * /robot/name
 * /robot/type
 * /robot_description
 * /robot_pose_ekf/freq
 * /robot_pose_ekf/imu_used
 * /robot_pose_ekf/odom_used
 * /robot_pose_ekf/output_frame
 * /robot_pose_ekf/publish_tf
 * /robot_pose_ekf/sensor_timeout
 * /robot_pose_ekf/vo_used
 * /robot_state_publisher/publish_frequency
 * /rosdistro
 * /rosversion
 * /turtlebot_laptop_battery/acpi_path
 * /turtlebot_node/bonus
 * /turtlebot_node/port
 * /turtlebot_node/update_rate
 * /use_sim_time

    cmd_vel_mux (nodelet/nodelet)
    diagnostic_aggregator (diagnostic_aggregator/aggregator_node)
    kinect_breaker_enabler (create_node/kinect_breaker_enabler.py)
    mobile_base_nodelet_manager (nodelet/nodelet)
    robot_pose_ekf (robot_pose_ekf/robot_pose_ekf)
    robot_state_publisher (robot_state_publisher/robot_state_publisher)
    turtlebot_laptop_battery (linux_hardware/laptop_battery.py)
    turtlebot_node (create_node/turtlebot_node.py)

auto-starting new master
process[master]: started with pid [5055]

setting /run_id to 9d936a6a-fbdc-11e3-ba6b-00265e5f3bb9
process[rosout-1]: started with pid [5068]
started core service [/rosout]
process[robot_state_publisher-2]: started with pid [5081]
process[diagnostic_aggregator-3]: started with pid [5102]
process[turtlebot_node-4]: started with pid [5117]
process[kinect_breaker_enabler-5]: started with pid [5122]
process[robot_pose_ekf-6]: started with pid [5181]
process[mobile_base_nodelet_manager-7]: started with pid [5226]
process[cmd_vel_mux-8]: started with pid [5245]
process[turtlebot_laptop_battery-9]: started with pid [5262]
[WARN] [WallTime: 1403641073.765412] Create : robot not connected yet, sci not available
[WARN] [WallTime: 1403641076.772764] Create : robot not connected yet, sci not available
[kinect_breaker_enabler-5] process has finished cleanly
log file: /home/anshul/.ros/log/9d936a6a-fbdc-11e3-ba6b-00265e5f3bb9/kinect_breaker_enabler-5*.log

Following is the log file: /home/anshul/.ros/log/9d936a6a-fbdc-11e3-ba6b-00265e5f3bb9/kinect_breaker_enabler-5*.log output:

[rospy.client][INFO] 2014-06-24 14:20:12,442: init_node, name[/kinect_breaker_enabler], pid[5538]
[xmlrpc][INFO] 2014-06-24 14:20:12,442: XML-RPC server binding to
[rospy.init][INFO] 2014-06-24 14:20:12,443: ROS Slave URI: []
[xmlrpc][INFO] 2014-06-24 14:20:12,443: Started XML-RPC server []
[rospy.impl.masterslave][INFO] 2014-06-24 14:20:12,443: _ready:
[xmlrpc][INFO] 2014-06-24 14:20:12,444: xml rpc node: starting XML-RPC server
[rospy.registration][INFO] 2014-06-24 14:20:12,445: Registering with master node
[rospy.init][INFO] 2014-06-24 14:20:12,543: registered with master
[rospy.rosout][INFO] 2014-06-24 14:20:12,544: initializing /rosout core topic
[rospy.rosout][INFO] 2014-06-24 14:20:12,546: connected to core topic /rosout
[rospy.simtime][INFO] 2014-06-24 14:20:12,547: /use_sim_time is not set, will not subscribe to simulated time [/clock] topic
[rospy.internal][INFO] 2014-06-24 14:20:12,820: topic[/rosout] adding connection to [/rosout], count 0
[rospy.core][INFO] 2014-06-24 14:20:20,182: signal_shutdown [atexit]
[rospy.internal][INFO] 2014-06-24 14:20:20,187: topic[/rosout] removing connection to /rosout
[rospy.impl.masterslave][INFO] 2014-06-24 14:20:20,188: atexit

From the logs, I could tell something told the create to power down. And since the log is named with 'kinect', I tried minimal.launch w/ and w/o kinect attached to the turtlebot pc. It doesn't make any difference.

Any clue what I might be missing? Or is this the way bringup works (I guess not)?


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I had this problem when using the Brown ROS Create drivers. I never found the source of the issue but I did notice that if I powered the Create with a fresh set of AA's, using the Create AA-battery adapter, the problem occurred rarely if ever. As the AA's charge ran down, the problem would occur more frequently. It might be a silly and inefficient workaround but perhaps try it. The AA battery adapter that I'm referring to is shown on page 9 of the Create manual (http://www.irobot.com/filelibrary/create/Create%20Manual_Final.pdf).


To help people who may find this answer later, it's worth knowing that iRobot just published a guide to connect the Create 2 to ROS and a PrimeSensor; it can be found at http://www.irobotweb.com/~/media/MainSite/PDFs/About/STEM/Create/Create2_PrimeSense.pdf .

Please note that I am an iRobot employee, but the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent iRobot's positions, strategies, or opinions.


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