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I am trying to install rviz on ROS Diamondback (on a 64 bit Mac Snowleopard). I get this link error related to Ogre::Rectancle2D when I run,

"rosmake rviz"

Error mesg:

Undefined symbols:

"Ogre::Rectangle2D::Rectangle2D(bool)", referenced from: rviz::SelectionManager::initialize() in selection_manager.o

Any idea why it cant find the Rectangle2D symbol (specifically) in Ogre ?

When I comment all the occurrences of Rectangle2D (jus to see it build completely! ) and run it using,

"rosrun rviz rviz"

It complains that it cant find the Ogre library.

Error msg:

dyld: Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Frameworks/Ogre.framework/Versions/1.7.2/Ogre

I have built Ogre 1.7.2 manually (as the 1.7.1 version which comes with ROS does not build on 64 bit).

Can anyone tell me where exactly do I need to put the Ogre libraries for rviz to work ?

Originally posted by Sagnik on ROS Answers with karma: 184 on 2011-02-25

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Since rviz depends on the ogre ROS package, the libraries and headers need to be there.

Have you tried building the ogre package with 1.7.2 instead? If it can be done, that should work.

This sounds like a bug to me, worth opening a defect ticket on the Ogre version.

Also, I am not able to understand what exactly you mean by,

    Have you tried building the ogre package with 1.7.2 instead ?

I have manually built OGRE 1.7.2 as the default version which comes with ROS 
Diamondback is 1.7.1 and does not build on Mac Snowleopard 64 bit.

I was hoping you could fix the ROS ogre package to use 1.7.2 instead. Building it manually does not help. We need a solution that works for all 64-bit OSX users.

You probably don't know how to do that, so please open up a ticket so the package maintainers will know about this problem. They should be able to fix it for you.

Originally posted by joq with karma: 25443 on 2011-02-25

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