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My environment i ROS2 Humble, and installed gazebo using sudo apt-get install ros-humble-ros-gz. I need to install gazebo_ros package, but since I don't use Gazebo-classic (?), the docs:


apparently does not apply. But link from the warning on top of the "old" documentation page only lead to


in other words the link is broken. Also the link titled "Overview of new ROS integration" is broken.

Much appreciated if anyone could spell out the installation procedure on Ubuntu 22, or just link to the correct documentation.

Originally posted by Simple Simpson on Gazebo Answers with karma: 3 on 2023-06-21

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https://gazebosim.org/docs is the best source of documentation for installing Gazebo. If you want to use ROS, there's a whole section there that describes the steps.

You said you need to install gazebo_ros, but ros-humble-ros-gz is the equivalent of gazebo_ros (which is for Gazebo-classic) for the new Gazebo. If you already have ros-humble-ros-gz installed, you just need to install Gazebo Fortress

Originally posted by azeey with karma: 704 on 2023-06-21

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Comment by Simple Simpson on 2023-06-21:
I'll admit being confused, I thought sudo apt-get install ros-humble-ros-gz actually installed Gazebo. From the doc paragraph:

The following command will install the correct version of Gazebo and ros_gz for your ROS installation on a Linux system.

I can open Gazebo by gz sim empty.sdf, but get package 'gazebo_ros' not found when running a launch file intended to spawn a robot in Gazebo.

Comment by azeey on 2023-06-21:
Ah, my mistake, it looks like ros-humble-ros-gz indirectly depends on libignition-gazebo6, so yes, it does install it. If you have a launch file that is looking for gazebo_ros, that launch file is probably meant to be used with Gazebo-classic. It'll need to be updated to work with the new Gazebo.

Comment by Simple Simpson on 2023-06-22:
cool, thanks. Do you have any links to documentation how to replace gazebo_ros references with new Gazebo?

Comment by Simple Simpson on 2023-06-22:
Reading the docs, gazebo_ros is still a package name, right?

Comment by azeey on 2023-06-22:
gazebo_ros is still a package name, but it's meant to work with Gazebo classic. You'll want to use ros_gz with the new Gazebo. Here's a repo with examples. This video should also help

Comment by Simple Simpson on 2023-06-22:
thanks man!


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