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I'm trying to spawn a model with dae texture files and they don't load correctly in the GzScene3D. If you look the camera plugin, the texture was loaded well, but in the scene it is a mess. I tried to use models from fuel, but all that have dae texture cause the same problem.

I'm using Ignition Citadel.

image description

Any pointers where to find a solution are highly appreciated.

Originally posted by Filipe Almeida on Gazebo Answers with karma: 3 on 2021-03-18

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Comment by Adwait on 2021-04-01:
tweaking some parameters in the Colladaloader file may help, not sure though.

Comment by Filipe Almeida on 2021-04-05:
I don't know how I can change that parameters. I tried different versions and different computers and got the same issue.

Comment by Adwait on 2021-04-05:
Trying on different machines won't necessarily solve the issue when there's a problem with the .dae file. What I am trying to say is that try scaling your file in the blender or any other app.

Comment by Filipe Almeida on 2021-04-06:
Right, but I did not use the same mesh in the tests. I tried different models from fuel (models that was demonstrated in the tutorials). I tested with many models from fuel and all that use collada meshes have the same issue. This is not related with my collada mesh.

Comment by olmer on 2021-05-17:
Did you solve the problem? I think that I have the same problem, if I see in ogre2.og say and error about textures


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I solve the problem, I added export LC_NUMERIC="C" before to run ign gazebo.

The problem is described here

Originally posted by olmer with karma: 36 on 2021-05-17

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Comment by Adwait on 2021-05-21:
I was facing the same issue with some models like this. I tried exporting this and it worked for me. Thanks.

Comment by Filipe Almeida on 2021-05-25:
Thank you!!!! It solve that problem!!! Now is loading collada meshes without that issue!


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